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My name is Emily, owner/operator of Butterflies for the Soul, soulpreneur, healer, friend in service and in light. I am so grateful that you are here and I welcome you with open arms and loving light to this creative, colourful and soulful space for your healing and transformation.  I consider myself a skin health specialist, holistic wellness coach and energy practitioner. I have over 19 years experience working and developing my skills and knowledge in the beauty industry along with Reiki and dabbling in different avenues of healing, wellness and fitness along the way. 


Throughout my developing career I devoted a great deal of my attention to skin health, where I sought to incorporate principles of both inner and outer beauty as a layer to holistic and mindful wellbeing. I have refined and perfected relaxation techniques and incorporated energy work as a service to those in need. 

I am a student of the cosmos and as such I continue to further my studies in modern and classical astrology alongside metaphysical and holistic counselling incorporating NLP, hypnosis, crystal healing and therapies, vegan and vegetarian nutrition. I feel my background and expertise encompass many aspects of applied mindful and high vibrational living. From cosmedical skin care, beauty, Reiki and quantum frequency techniques to the farthest reaches of universe with astrology.


I have been guided and driven by my passion and deeply ingrained with the inner knowing that it is my divine purpose and mission to create an essential wellness and skin health hub where guests can relax, unwind and heal in a personal yet professional atmosphere. Welcome to my growing and developing home based transformation space, Butterflies for the Soul, located in the tropical far North Queensland town, Cairns, Australia.  I cant wait to get started in sharing my light and gifts with you all. Please watch this space as butterflies for the soul continues to expand its service and support for you in all avenues and arenas of life, with the addition of further treatment integrations as I progress along my cosmic journey

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