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Quantum Frequency Therapy

The Healy effect 

As a conscious member of Quantum co creators and an energy practitioner in service to others I feel it is my divine mission to help pave the way to the new Earth. I bring Butterflies for the Soul guests frequency therapies utilizing the wearable wellness and healing device, Healy. 


Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. Everything has a frequency. Frequency therapy takes healing to the next level, empowering us to empower the self healer within. 


This holistic wellness device called Healy uses a quantum sensor to scan your individual bio energetic field, determine its current state of being and then send back into your field the specific frequencies you need to bring your cells and yourself back into harmony, balance and alignment. With over 10.1 million frequencies and 260 + programs to aid and assist in every arena of life and on all layers spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. 


Sounds like magic - and I’d like to say it is. But its just science, cutting edge science and technology created by a group of conscious living experts, doctors, scientists and engineers including Marcus Schmieke, who studied physics and philosophy and is the inventor and developer of the Healy and Timewaver products and Nuno Nina, a Portuguese researcher. 


Healy is the next evolution and revolution of self-healing, wellness, spirituality and bio hacking that is supported and surrounded by a community that is here to make an impact, and raise the vibrations of you, the collective and the planet we share.

Frequency facials


​​Compliment to any facial

As an energetic addition to your skin workout/pro dermal planning, skin ritual, massage or healing. Frequencies are applied during the course of the treatment. Frequencies for skin impurities, aging, skin elasticity, hair, nails, scaring, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, inner and outer beauty



compliment to any facial or treatment 

Frequencies for heart and brain coherence, relaxation, balance, release and purity

I ching scan & frequency delivery


free Resonance scanning

Using radionics frequency application. Resonance scans are gifted to guests at their initial introduction to frequency therapy

Aura and chakra scan & rebalance


free Resonance scanning

Using radionics frequency application. Resonance scans are gifted to guests at their initial introduction to frequency therapy

Image by Fuu J


I am currently furthering my studies and education in both modern and classical astrology practice with the international academy of astrology in New York. I’ve been an advocate for astrology as long as I can remember and embarked on my personal journey and self taught studies over 15 years ago now.


I had my interest peaked in 2017 and decided to enrol in formal education. Since then I have flourished and found my calling as a student learning and absorbing all I can, diving deep into the astrological, cosmic world of wonder.

Following my own personal principles, ethics and understandings of the workings of astrology and the universe I endeavour to

  • provide guidance in accordance with universal laws and only to the best of my knowledge and skill set allows.

  • Provide a safe and confidential space for consultation with clients seeking knowledge from the planets, stars and beyond.

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Natal chart introduction


Emailed or printed document outlining the natal promise and key features of the chart

Natal interpretation &


30 minute pre recorded session outlining the natal promise as well as 1-2 discussion topics of the guests choosing

The year ahead


60 minute pre recorded session. Includes natal promise outline and 2-3 topics of interest outlined by the guest

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