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  • Gift vouchers are available for all services or alternatively guests and friends can purchase gift vouchers for a dollar value where the receiver can choose their service or product for redemption . Gift vouchers are redeemable for the amount or service that is paid in full at the time of purchase only. Should a customer or guest to choose to change or transfer a gift voucher only this amount will be honoured. Purchased Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years as per Australian consumer law. Promotional vouchers are valid for 60 days only and subject to change at the discretion of Butterflies for the Soul. Gift vouchers are under no circumstances redeemable for cash nor redeemable for other gift voucher purchases. Refunds are not given considering the duration of the vouchers validity and array of different service choices provided. Expired gift vouchers will not be honoured. 

  • Butterflies for the Soul reserves the right to cancel a gift voucher at any time, for any reason and without notice. In this instance a refund may be given and is dependable on the circumstance and at the sole discretion of Butterflies for the Soul. Butterflies for the Soul does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen gift vouchers. I do request that you kindly notify us in this instance as often the voucher may remain on records kept by me. Butterflies for the Soul reserves the right to ask any gift voucher holder for proof of identity. 

  • Conditions of entry 

  • Butterflies for the Soul advises all guests to arrive on time for their appointments and to take a seat in the allocated seating area adjacent to the treatment room. As per current COVID 19 protocol I also request that upon arrival guests and friends check in through the Queensland app. I permit only one guest and therapist in the treatment room at a time and as such it is important to note that if the door is closed there may be a treatment in progress. Please consider others and honour their time in clinic while you take a few minutes to yourself to unwind. Hand sanitizer is provided for guests. A bathroom and washroom is also provided. 

  • Butterflies for the Soul is not a walk in clinic. All appointments must be scheduled and confirmed prior to a guests attendance.

  • I ask that all guests complete their consultation/questionnaire forms, answering to the best of their knowledge and abilities. The consult forms are set to ensure that I am able to provide guests with the best possible service whilst minimizing the risk of any adverse reactions. I ask that guests disclose to me any applicable information that may be relevant. I reserve the right to reject service should the guest refuse to complete their consultation form. I ask that our guests sign and date these forms, and in doing so are taking full responsibility in that they have answered the questions and topics from the consultation form in all honesty and truthfulness. Guests that are under the age of 16 will require a parent to take responsibility and sign on their behalf.

  • Butterflies for the Soul kindly ask that all guests who are feeling unwell or showing and symptoms of a virus of any kind on the morning of their appointment or within the 14 days prior, first to phone me and disclose this information and if advised by me than reschedule their appointment. Do not attend the clinic if you are unwell under any circumstances.

  • Butterflies for the Soul adheres to a strict cleaning and sanitizing regime and as such there are allocated timeslots scheduled between appointments to ensure this process is maintained. Always with guest and therapist safety in mind. 

  • Treatment times and prices are approximate and subject to change without notice. Butterflies for the Soul will endeavor to notify previously booked service appointments should this be applicable.

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