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Privacy Policy

  • Butterflies for the Soul is committed to providing a safe and tranquil environment for guests to relax. 

  • Butterflies for the Soul is committed to providing superior service and treatments that are of the highest quality and professionalism with outstanding results. 

  • At the point of the guest or customers consultation. The guest will be asked to provide sensitive and private information that pertain to their level of health and sometimes mental stability. This is for the sole purpose that I may customise service to the guest and ensure they only receive the best possible treatment and advice that is relative to their needs and level of care required. Butterflies for the Soul holds all guest files and documents pertaining to this guest questionnaire strictly confidential. The guest may request to update their information at any time and is strongly encouraged to do so should their circumstances change 

  • Butterflies for the Soul will only release the information to the guest whose name resides on the completed forms or in the unlikely case that the information be requested by Court order for legal reasons or by an ambulance officer in the situation where this information is needed for the guests critical state of well being.

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