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Cancelation Policy

  • I wholeheartedly believe in Butterflies for the Soul products and services and as such offer to you, my friends and guests a full guarantee in most instances. If you are, for any legitimate reason not satisfied with your product or service please notify me within 14 days and we can organize a refund or exchange. This is in the event that you have purchased a product and would like to return it for the reasons being;

  • A. It was not the colour or consistency you had in mind (applies to senegence and 1skin product purchases only)

  • B. You have a potential allergy and have reacted in a way that constitutes a real reaction and NOT from incorrect application (in this case full disclosure by you as to the severity is of importance)

  • C. The product has been damaged in transit or the functionality of the product has been compromised in some way 

  • I request that you provide information and details as requested to ensure your refund. This may include photographs. I also ask that you take the steps as follows. 

  • 1. Contact me via phone or text within 14 days from the date of purchase

  • 2. Pack your product/s and return this to the address provided by me. The cost of this shipping is at your own expense (subject to the circumstances of your requested refund)

  • A request for refund that does not fit a,b or c examples shown above, may be rejected and is at the sole discretion of Butterflies for the Soul.

Cancellation policy:

  • Your appointment and your wellbeing is very important to me. I understand that sometimes unexpected and immediate events can show up in our lives and this often requires schedule adjustments. I appreciate the time you took to arrange your appointment with me but also kindly request that you take equal opportunity and time to cancel that appointment if required. As I deeply honour your time I sincerely hope that you are able to equally honour mine and as such I respectfully insist on you providing me at least 24 hours notice of such cancelation when of course, time permits. I reserve the right to charge full fee for missed appointments and likewise a late cancellation fee may apply of 50%. I also reserve the right to refuse service in the event that I feel threatened, uncomfortable or taken advantage of. I deeply value you and the exchange of energy you bring as a guest and friend of Butterflies for the Soul.

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